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The nothing box men women brain think different mcclures

Manufacturer: Paper Company

Model: NothingBox V1

Description: It's a box made out of cardboard. It's written Nothing on it

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Manufacturer: Assistina

Model: 301 plus

Description: Lightly used, sterilization for medical equipment

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2015 06 21 00.50.59

Manufacturer: JMAR

Model: Video-CMM

Description: Video CMM system, excellent condition

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Used applied biosystems 310 genetic analyzer

Manufacturer: Applied Biosystems

Model: 310 Genetic Analyzer

Description: Used Applied Biosystems 310 Genetic Analyzer Perform comparative sequencing, linkage analysis, STR and SNP analysis, Mutation Detection, Automate workflow to minimize hands-on time and costs

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Used genetic dna analyzer

Manufacturer: AB Applied Biosystems

Model: Hitachi 3130 Genetic Analyzer

Description: Used Applied Biosystems Hitachi 3130 Genetic Analyzer (Inquire for additional details)

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Used applied biosystems

Manufacturer: Applied Biosystems

Model: 7900HT

Description: Used Applied Biosystems 7900HT Real Time PCR machine 7900HT PCR Unit w/ Power and Serial cable Computer, Moniter, Keyboard, Mouse, Windows XP w/ Power and Moniter cable 96 Well Block Assembly Microcard Cycler Block assembly

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Manufacturer: BAK

Model: Balzers

Description: Used BAK Balzers One e-beam and one ion beam included, Chamber size: 48 x 48 x 36 inches, 2 cryo pumps, 1 mechanical pump, Several substrate holders (12 inch diameter) that can flip and deposit on both sides

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Used veeco spector ion beam deposition

Manufacturer: Veeco

Model: Spector Ion Beam Deposition

Description: Used Veeco IonTech Spector IBS, Chamber: 1067mm (diameter) x 914mm (height), ITVAS Ion tech controller, Dual ion beam sources: 16cm & 12cm, Source 6.2X, (2) SiO2 targets (1) High index Ta target, Cryo pump, CTI 400 on board, 14” diameter pump

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Used nv 10 fast scan amplifier

Manufacturer: Eaton Nova

Model: NV-10

Description: Used Eaton Nova NV-10 Fast Scan Amplifier

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